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Clear Vision Academy

Clear Vision Academy

15 Modules

Coaching Forms & Resources

We are thrilled to offer you an extensive library of forms and resources that will support you as a coach! Please note that these are for your direct use for practice while attending the Clear Vision Academy and use with your client, but may not be replicated for sale purposes. 

Claire Ellis - Case Vignette Files

Discussion Board

Welcome to your cohorts Discussion Board! Each week you will have discussion questions that you will answer here. Please provide 3-5 sentence responses AND respond to at least two of your peers responses. This is also a great place to communicate with each other, ask questions, give encouragement, ask for prayers or anything else as this is a closed discussion board for your cohort. 

We look forward to reading and engaging with you each of you over the next 12 weeks! 

Module 1: Pre-Course Work

Welcome! Please be sure to review and complete all of the items included in the pre-course section as these items are required prior to our first live session. 

Module 2: Introduction Week

Welcome to the Clear Vision Academy Coaching Program! We are honored that you are making Clear Vision Academy a part of your personal and professional coaching journey. This week we will acclimate to the platform, discuss course expectations, and meet the Trainers and your fellow Coachee's in your Cohort. 


Module 3: Introspection with Self Assessments

Welcome to Module 3! This week we will work on starting the process of learning the importance of self evaluations, tools that will help to accomplish this, and action items to help your coaching business to be successful! 

Module 4: Connecting On A Deeper Level

Welcome to Module 4! This week we will continue to build our skills of utilizing open ended - probing questions to connect with our clients on a deeper level! Recognizing the power of healthy introspection and the Holy Spirit to guide our sessions is a powerful foundation that will support great success in your coaching approaches.  

Module 5: Self Care - Your Calling

Welcome to Module 5: This week we will be focusing on intentional self care! We want to encourage your to consider how leading from your own place of wellness is critical in order to facilitate and guide others in their own wellness journey. 

Module 6: Setting Your Vision into Practice!

Welcome to Module 6! This week we will continue building our in-session skills as well as developing vision and mission statements. A clear mission statement facilitates goals-setting and a blueprint for action that will make your vision achievable as you move step by step in the right direction.

Module 7: New Roads & New Perspectives

Welcome to module 7! This week we are going to continue to sharpen our in session skills by learning how to facilitate awareness and discoveries that will lead to meaningful action steps! We will also continue to work on our draft marketing plan as we start preparing for the upcoming Business Bootcamp weeks! 

Module 8: S.M.A.R.T. Coaching

This week is all about coaching SMART and applying this goal setting technique to your coaching sessions.

Module 9: Self Care - Where to Change

If lasting fulfillment and significance comes from expanding your world by loving and serving others, one starting place is asking, "What do I have to give?" In this fast-paced, driven culture, often the answer is, "Not much." When your best energy goes toward surviving, there isn't much left for thriving, let alone giving. So often a first step in pursuing your calling is figuring out how to
love yourself well.

Module 10: Business Bootcamp

This week lace up your boots, put your war clothes on, and choose your battle weapons as we charge forward with the Business Bootcamp. Together we will go over tools and resources that will allow you to operate your coaching practices with ease and excellence. 

Module 11: Effective Complimentary Coaching Sessions

Welcome to module 11! This week we will finish up working on addressing business needs and marketing strategies. As we have previously discussed, one of the greatest marketing strategy is to offer complimentary coaching sessions to potential clients. This weeks reading and practicum skills will focus on how to have a successful comp session.

Module 12: S.E.E. as A Clear Vision Coach

Can you believe it? We are in our final class together! As you focus this week on your recorded coaching sessions we want to encourage you to S.E.E. as a Clear Vision Coach: 

  • Show Up
  • Express We Care
  • Encourage Change

Show up for your clients offering not just a service, but being an inspiration that inspires change. 

Romans 21:1 (KJV), "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." 

Also, in our class this week be excited and ready to join in celebrating each other as we discuss the importance of showing up whole: Feeling Good, Looking Good, and Being Well. 

Modules for this program 15
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